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Sabtu, 08 Maret 2008

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resolution of the supply of nearly 12.0 billion

Selasa, 22 Januari 2008

In accordance with the resolution of the supply of nearly 12.0 billion yen in cash, and from January 22, 2008, Motorola is a total of approximately 78% of the standard Vertex on a fully verwässerter ( excluding stocks, the acquisition of rights provided Cancelled), while Tokogiken Co. Ltd, a private company which owns the Japanese companies are Vertex Standard's President and CEO Jun Hasegawa, is still a 20% stake. Through a process of restructuring is clean Motorola 80% of the standard vertex. As previously announced, on November 5, 2007, Motorola launched the offer, in collaboration with Tokogiken with the intention to request the establishment of a joint venture for the development and sale of Vertex Standard branded products and choose to develop branded products Motorola. All regulatory clearances, at the closing of the transaction.

"We are very pleased to work with the team Motorola, a global technology leader, it was a major supplier of pioneer and the 2-channels, radio communication solutions," said Jun Hasegawa, President and CEO of Vertex Standard. "With Motorola, Vertex Standard be more and better positioned to create new and innovative 2 channels, radio solutions for professionals and consumers."
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Motorola's Government and Commercial Markets

"We are very pleased that phase successfully completed, the transaction, as well as Motorola and Vertex Standard can go ahead with our plan, combined with an expanded product offerings and to new regions and consumers in the world whole, "said Mark Moon, Senior Vice-President of Motorola's Government and Commercial Markets.

The joint venture is expected to expand and develop a full suite of products, the rapid growth of demand for 2-way radio solutions. Vertex Standard force in the Amateur, Marine and Radios (avionics), segments of Motorola provides access to new business opportunities. In addition, Vertex Standard solutions are highly complementary with Motorola products and insert a greater depth and width for Motorola's Government and Public Safety. The company also provides additional engineering talent for Motorola.

After the restructuring, implementation, after supply regulation, Vertex Standard are on the list of JASDAQ. The joint venture is still called "Vertex Standard Co., Ltd" and becomes a subsidiary of Motorola, which has its headquarters in Tokyo.
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